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We are 11 Church of England Parishes in South Leicestershire, in the Diocese of Leicester. We welcome everyone to join us in worship and community in our village churches. 


We the parishes of The Avon-Swift Benefice commit ourselves to God and to one another, seeking to become a community that is centred on Christ and inspired by the Spirit to respond to the love of the Father and share it with others."

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Happy ‘Eggstra’ Easter!

Happy Easter to you! I wonder whether you have eaten all of your Easter eggs yet? Perhaps, now that it is May, you may think that Easter is long past. However, for Christians all over the world, Easter is far from over – Eastertide lasts for a full 50 days each year. That means that every day in May is still Easter Day, still a chance to wonder at the story of Jesus, risen from the dead and, yes, still an opportunity (or excuse) to eat chocolate Easter eggs!

For me, the story of Jesus who was betrayed, killed and enclosed in a tomb – like the empty space in a hollow egg – is much more than mere story. Hidden deep in the darkness of that place of death, God’s spark of life ignited and Jesus came back to life again. That changes everything for Christians – we believe that he is still alive and here in everyday life through God’s Spirit, bringing a new quality of life that can transform us. This is not just for the times when life is going well either. For each of us life will be difficult at times with worry or sadness. Even though the sun shines and the beauty of Spring transforms the landscape around us, many of us find ourselves in dark places unable to experience the sunshine. As human beings we do not always get things right and we can experience the betrayal of others. Easter is not about being falsely happy or putting a brave face on things. The truth of Easter is knowing that God can reach us and is with us whoever we are and however we feel.

So whether you feel empty and dark like the hollow centre of an egg, or shining with joy like the colourful foil on the outside, I pray that you may know the presence and love of God who seeks to bring you new life and hope. We have 50 days to wonder at the Easter story. I’m not sure I’d advise eating 50 chocolate eggs but perhaps buying another one in May might be a good suggestion, and as you eat it, I pray that you will experience, as I have done, the presence of Jesus in ways that go beyond rational explanation but that will change your life.

Happy Easter to you all!

Canon Emma Davies

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